From Woodea, we propose a collaborative work system from the initial phases of the project.


Collaboration requires trust, and trust is strengthened with transparency.


In our model, transparency is manifested in two very significant aspects: work monitoring and open books.

Work monitoring

We offer a platform for work monitoring, where you can observe financial aspects, progress, and updates of expected deadlines.

Finance - Open Books

We are against the culture of contradictions.

At Woodea, we agree on an industrial margin for the work and offer open books; at the maximum level of detail and auditable by the developer. We put the industrial profit at risk to align our incentives with those of the developer:

Comparison in budgeting methods

Traditional method

Materials subcontracts
+ Labor subcontracts

Direct costs
+ Additional indirect expenses

Execution material budget
+ General expenses
+ Industrial profit

Contract execution budget

Open books

Materials subcontracts
+ Labor subcontracts
+ Additional indirect expenses

Reimbursable expenses
+ General expenses

Monthly billing
+ Industrial profit
Shared risk fund
(result = industrial profit * (0 – 2) on savings or overruns)

In this way, trust is strengthened, and objectives are aligned between the developer and us, the construction company, jointly seeking the best proposals for the project.

In the intranet that we open for each project, we offer the following details:

  • Complete information on direct costs.
  • Details of technical and auxiliary personnel assigned to the project, with control of dedicated times. We only pass on the time actually dedicated to that project.
  • Details of machinery and general facilities destined for the project.
  • Other expenses.