Woodea Architectural Optimization Engine

At Woodea, we are committed to the digitalization of construction as a fundamental tool in all our internal processes. Therefore, we have established a flexible and scalable solution to reach all areas of our industry.

We digitally connect design and data to achieve automations that enhance our assembly line.

Here are the key points for the digitalization of construction in our Woodea Production System:

Starting from initial data, legal constraints, and Promoter’s design rules, we generate a digital model of the building from the early sketches, helping optimize the structure, distribution, and design.

We have BIM experience for creating modules that can be incorporated into the building and provide information associated with each component (cost, assembly, maintenance, carbon footprint, etc.).

Additionally, we have probably the most comprehensive industrialized Supplier Database in Spain to ensure that each project incorporates the best solution.

Finally, we provide a collaborative web solution where the promoter, construction company, suppliers, and subcontractors can visualize the project’s progress and interact in real-time.

At all times, participating stakeholders (suppliers, promoters, technicians) have updated information on the project’s progress and a forecast of future developments.