Design Phase
Objectives, value, cost, Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), CO2. Work teams (members based on phases). Work methodology, collaborative philosophy, contractual framework. Collaborative work platforms.

Preliminary Design
Lean design. Digital model focused on costs and CO2. Initial budget based on volumetrics and objective costs. Building componentization. Supplier quoting. Preselection and qualification of suppliers.

Basic Project
Lean design. Elimination of design waste, spaces. Definitive geometries, components, and finishes. BIM oriented to components and costs. Supplier quoting. Supplier selection.

Project Execution
Collaborative execution project development, architect/suppliers. BIM (performance, manufacturing, and costs). Value Engineering (waste elimination). Final budget. Contracts.

Pull planning, manufacturing plan, component flows, delivery times, and installation. BIM oriented to assembly. Lean Manufacturing. Quality control. Production management at the factory.

Construction Site
Production traceability. Management of component shipments. Materials and components hub. Lean construction Last Planner on-site. BIM for site monitoring and costs.

Drastic reduction of post-sales repair or claims work. Traceability of claims and repairs.

Predictive maintenance. Sensorization. Digital model. Consumption analysis. Life cycle analysis projection.