Woodea presents the advantages of Design & Build with Product Platform at Rebuild

The 2024 edition of Rebuild has marked a turning point in the construction industry, with strong participation, exceptional quality of speakers, and an influx of visitors that has exceeded all previous expectations.

Rebuild consolidates its position as the leading forum for the exchange of innovative ideas and the presentation of advanced building solutions, reflecting a strong commitment to progress and sustainability in the sector.

The transformation of construction through industrialisation and digitalisation

Once again this year, Rebuild provided a platform for the presentation of innovations and trends that are leading the way towards a more sustainable and digitalised construction.

The 2024 edition thus stood out for driving significant change in the construction industry, with a focus on industrialisation and digitisation as central axes to promote efficiency, precision and sustainability.

The integration of advanced technologies and MCMs (modern construction methods), such as BIM methodology and industrialised construction systems, reflects this paradigm shift, which seeks more efficient project management, more effective collaboration between the different actors involved and a notable optimisation of time and costs.

Woodea, a benchmark in the dialogue on the future of construction

With an active and prominent presence, Woodea has shared its expertise and cutting-edge vision at Rebuild 2024 through various talks and conferences.

Our team has participated in key discussions addressing topical issues for the industry, reaffirming our position as a benchmark in innovation and the implementation of sustainable practices in the sector.

Woodea presents its WPS methodology “Design & Build with Product Platform”

At the epicentre of our participation in Rebuild 2024, Woodea has presented the “Design & Build with Product Platform” report, a publication that synthesises our philosophy and innovative Woodea Production System (WPS) methodology.

The WPS platform is presented as a key solution to face the current challenges of construction, bringing significant added value to the sector.

It enables the standardisation of processes and components (the invisible part) while advocating customisation adapted to the needs of each client (the visible part), using technical wood as a base element to promote the decarbonisation of the sector.

The report explores the essence of our innovation and delves into how the integration of design and construction systems, supported by a technical wood-based product platform, can revolutionise the industry. It graphically and synthetically demonstrates the efficiency and sustainability offered by our methodology, contributing to a significant reduction in carbon footprint as well as optimising costs and execution times.

The document, which can be downloaded from our website, reveals how this synergy sets new standards of precision, efficiency and sustainability in each project, enabling flexible and efficient production that balances standardisation with customisation.

On the road to sustainability and efficiency in construction

This edition of Rebuild concludes with an encouraging vision of the future of construction, an industry that is making great strides towards efficiency, digitalisation and, most importantly, sustainability.

For Woodea, this event has been a meeting and sharing point with leading industry players that reinforces and consolidates our determination to continue leading this transformation, driving the sector towards greener and more efficient horizons.

We firmly believe that, with every innovation and project we undertake, we are building much more than buildings, we are actively contributing to a better future for our planet.