Driving a global positive change by efficiently delivering buildings that unite nature, technology, and profitability
Woodea is a next-generation construction company with a low carbon footprint, leveraging 21st-century tools and developments to address the dual challenge of providing sustainable and affordable constructions for the growing global demand for housing.

Leading a global positive change is ambitious, and at Woodea, we are aware that time is of the essence. Concrete, steel, and energetically inefficient buildings are harming the planet and our chances of living on it.

It is necessary to transition from a system that depletes natural resources to one that regenerates them. Building with wood is a significant first step, a construction material that is cultivated.

Aware of the current issues in the industry (low quality, rework, labor shortages, uncertainty in price trends, contradictory culture, lack of continuous improvement, etc.), Woodea was born as a digitalsustainableindustrialized, and Lean company to offer sustainable construction using technical wood at a comparable cost to traditional construction, with substantially shorter construction times and lower uncertainty.

To achieve this, we propose a methodology based on:

Raw Material

Use of technical wood for having better technical performance than other materials such as concrete and steel, and being the only construction material whose use helps reduce CO2.


Application of Lean methodology to be efficient in building construction using minimal resources and achieving a higher quality product, as well as aligning the interests of contractors, designers, owners, and construction companies with a common goal: improving quality, reducing construction times, and consequently reducing the final cost.


Use of BIM technology with Autodesk Construction Cloud, as the sole source of information, to align efforts, provide transparency to the process, encourage collaborative work, and improve productivity while reducing potential conflicts.


Building composition by adding pieces (components) allows industrialization of the process without requiring uniformity in projects, obtaining cost, time, and embedded carbon indicators and allowing continuous improvement.
Our Identity
Why Woodea?

At Woodea, we get involved from the initial stages of the project, configuring the best teams to ensure the maximum benefits of industrialization and the use of technical wood are achieved.

We embrace transparency, proposing an open-book working system that allows real-time tracking of the progress of the work at all times.

Component-based construction, using industrialized technical wood, can reduce construction time by 20 to 40%, directly impacting its overall cost.

In contrast to traditional construction, where the widespread use of concrete and steel is a significant emitter of greenhouse gases, wood from sustainable and certified forests has absorbed significant amounts of CO2 throughout its growth stages, maintaining it in its mass (embedded carbon) until its final transformation when the wood rots or burns.

Both internally and externally.

Internally, our purpose makes us enjoy the day-to-day.

Externally, we say goodbye to the culture of contradiction and endless negotiations. Collaborative work and radical transparency allow us to align our goals as a construction company with the developer, designers, and subcontractors, assuming that we work on a common project, and that quality and success depend on all parties involved.

Executive Team

Woodea is part of Zubi Group, a group of impact companies created by Iker Marcaide, founder of Flywire (the first Spanish-origin company to be listed on Nasdaq). The group consists of a team of more than 150 people committed to solving social and environmental challenges with a focus on cities, investment, entrepreneurship, and education.

Pablo Moreno

BIM Manager

Ferran Urgellés

Production and Supply Chain Director

Ricardo Arnal

Estimations and Costs Manager

David Mora

BIM Coordinator

Daniel González

Construction Site Manager

Eunice Costas

Estimation and Cost Technician

Antonio Serrano

Finance Manager

Juan Luis López

Construction Manager

Jesús López

Architect - Project Manager