Woodea Introduces New Alliances and Solutions at Rebuild for More Efficient and Sustainable Construction

The construction sector continues to advance towards a more sustainable and environmentally conscious model. As a demonstration of this will and commitment, Woodea, Zubi Cities, and Distrito Natural have entered into a strategic alliance with the aim of promoting the construction of more sustainable, affordable, and healthy homes.

The chosen scenario for these three references in sustainable and industrialized construction was Rebuild, the current technological summit and innovation event for the building sector, which seeks to drive and promote the shift towards industrialization, sustainability, and digitization in construction. The event took place from March 28 to 30 at IFEMA, Madrid.

During the presentation of this alliance, Octavi Uyà, CEO & Co-founder of Woodea, Aphat Amonarraiz, Real Estate Technical Director of Zubi Cities, and Iñaki Alonso, CEO of Distrito Natural Ecovivienda, expressed their satisfaction with this agreement that promotes a change in the sector, driving a triple positive impact on society and changing the way cities are built and inhabited.</vc_column_text]

As part of Rebuild, at the Woodea stand, Pablo Saiz, CAO, and Co-founder of Woodea, presented his latest book “La casa industrializada, seis propuestas para este milenio” (The Industrialized House, six proposals for this millennium). In it, Saiz analyzes the principles of industrial production applied to architecture and how these began to gain relevance in a time similar to the present.</vc_column_text]
“We once again think that architecture must respond to the interests and problems of our time, no longer just social, but also environmental, through available technologies, and for this, industrialized construction brings six proposals for the future.”
Pablo Saiz
During the presentation, Pablo was accompanied by his partners and co-founders at Woodea, Octavi Uyà and Pablo Medina, as well as Adolfo Jordán, director of the Architecture department at the European University of Madrid, and Almudena Ribot, associate professor at the Higher Technical School of Architecture of Madrid.</vc_column_text]
Rebuild 2023 has been a great opportunity to strengthen strategic relationships and reaffirm Woodea’s commitment to evolving the traditional construction model and acting as drivers of positive global change. In this way, the fair became the ideal setting for the presentation of important news, such as the start of construction of the Madreselva building in Burjassot, Valencia, which will be carried out in collaboration with the sustainable promoter Zubi Cities.</vc_column_text]
Woodea’s stand at Rebuild, designed with a clear intentionality completely manufactured and assembled in technical wood, was also a space that facilitated the establishment of new relationships and the consolidation of alliances in the field of sustainable construction. Architects, engineers, and leading suppliers in the new low-carbon architecture and the use of wood in construction visited the stand. We would like to express our gratitude for the visit of Jose María Toral from Peris i Toral, Iñaki Alonso with much of his team from Distrito Natural, Ecómetro, and sAtt Arquitectura, Francisco Valiente and his father, architect and designer of the mentioned Madreselva building, architect Sergio Alcover, promoter of Viviendea, Jacinto Seguí from Finsa, Fran Saiz and José Manuel Fenollar from Modulab, Markus Huber, Guillermo Grillo Torres, Pablo Gugel from Bryden Wood, Jorge Blasco, Unai Agirre, and Rodrigo Torme from Egoin, Irene Jimeno from Toca Madera-Sound Wood, Julia Ahvenainen from Lunawood, Fernando Rodríguez and Pablo Oriol from FRPO, and Sergio Baragaño from ROOM 23, among others.</vc_column_text]
We also received visits from our colleagues from Woltea, present at Rebuild with their home electrification and aerothermal installation service, members of the Zubi Group team, as well as numerous students interested in new construction models, digitization, and sustainable materials.</vc_column_text]
In conclusion, Rebuild 2023 has been a success, confirming the construction industry’s commitment to innovation and sustainability. The commitment to industrialized and sustainable construction is an increasingly present reality in the sector, and this edition has been a demonstration of it.</vc_column_text]