The key role of industrialised construction in the Spanish housing crisis

In the search for solutions to help mitigate the effects of this crisis, industrialised construction has emerged as a key method of addressing the growing housing crisis by providing innovative and effective approaches.


New Energy Efficiency Directive in the EU and its impact on construction

In an effort to combat climate change, the European Union has launched ambitious energy efficiency regulations aimed at promoting sustainability in the construction sector, which we will analyze its impact.


Woodea presents the advantages of Design & Build with Product Platform at Rebuild

Rebuild consolidates its position as the leading forum for the exchange of innovative ideas and the presentation of advanced building solutions, reflecting a strong commitment to progress and sustainability in the sector.


Reducing the Carbon Footprint in Construction: A Global Challenge

Sustainable construction bursts onto the current construction scene as a critical need to mitigate the environmental impact of one of the most resource-consuming and waste-producing sectors worldwide.


Lean Project Delivery System: Optimization of Construction Projects

In the world of construction, where projects are characterized by their complexity and tight deadlines, efficiency and process optimization have become crucial factors for success. It is in this context that the innovative Lean Project Delivery System (LPDS) approach emerges, a...


Woodea drives Zubi Group to obtain the three seals of the carbon footprint register

Woodea positions itself as a key driver in achieving Zubi Group’s milestone, celebrating the acquisition of the three seals from the carbon footprint registry by the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge: calculate, reduce, and offset. This event...

Engineer or Architech hand touching computer tablet interface with building design reality virtual technology at modern office on site. Building automation digital wireless control concept.

The BIM, BAM, BOOM revolution in digital construction.

The construction industry is advancing in its digitization process, entering a fascinating technological universe with the emergence of concepts such as BIM, BAM, and BOOM. Far from being mere acronyms, this vision represents the forefront of innovation in the field of construction.


Component-Based Construction: Juan Carlos Cabrero’s Vision

Discover Juan Carlos Cabrero’s vision on the current state and future of component-based construction.

Crane lifting a prefabricated wooden building module to its position in the structure.

Industrialized component-based construction: innovation in sustainable building

Industrialized construction and component-based construction have emerged as innovative trends in the building industry. These approaches go beyond merely constructing buildings; they represent an entirely new mindset that encompasses the design, manufacturing, logistics, and marketing...


Industrialized Low-Impact Construction: Madreselva Building

Comparative Analysis. 3 Cases in 3 Dimensions: Water, Waste, and Carbon In an increasingly sustainability-conscious world, the construction of ecologically responsible buildings has become a priority, and the Madreselva building is a prominent example of this...


Woodea Presents Its Latest Report at The District: Industrialized Low-Impact Construction

Woodea presents “Low-Impact Industrialized Construction.”, a study that reveals that a building with a technical wood structure is more cost-effective and reduces carbon emissions, waste, and water consumption.


Building with FSC® Certified Wood: A Commitment to Sustainability

In the construction industry, it is crucial to adopt practices that are environmentally friendly and promote sustainability. For this reason, selecting high-quality materials that contribute to a positive impact on the environment and the preservation of our natural resources...


Passivhaus: The Path to Sustainability and Energy Savings in Construction

The value proposition of Passivhaus homes lies in creating highly efficient spaces that require minimal energy for operation, thereby reducing carbon emissions associated with building use.


Sustainable Construction, Beyond a Trend: Benefits and Opportunities to Save Our Planet

In recent years, sustainable construction has evolved significantly, becoming a priority for the construction sector to address the challenges of climate change and the need to move towards a more sustainable world.


Woodea Introduces New Alliances and Solutions at Rebuild for More Efficient and Sustainable Construction

Woodea Introduces New Alliances and Solutions at Rebuild for More Efficient and Sustainable Construction


Building the Future: How BIM and Digitalization Are Transforming the Construction Industry

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is revolutionizing construction by digitizing the entire building lifecycle, from design to maintenance.


Can the skyline of New York and other major cities change in the coming years?

… o cómo el cuento de los tres cerditos podría cambiar para siempre. Parte 3 Puedes leer la Parte 1 y la Parte 2 de esta cadena de posts sobre construcción industrializada en madera. “Los rascacielos de vidrio y acero...


Why build skyscrapers with wood?

… or how the tale of the three little pigs conditions the consolidation of new technologies. Part 2 In our previous post, we presented the 21st century as (https://woodea.es/blog/siglo-de-la-madera-en-construccion/), and how the tale of the...

Building construction, wood framing structure at new property development site

Woodea and the century of wood in construction.

…or how the tale of the three little pigs has impacted the planet Part 1 The classic tale turned into a Disney movie in 1933 has created a misconception about the use of wood in construction, you know… “and he huffed and he...